Our Team

We work to discover untapped potential in the most unexpected places.

Our  local team is comprised of seasoned educators and rural development practitioners. 

Katia Gomez

Executive Director

From 2009-2011, Katia served as a District Chair for CARE USA, speaking to politicians in Washington DC and locally about the importance of empowering women and girls to conquer global poverty.

After winning the VH1 Do Something Award she was named by Newsweek as one of the “Top 25 Women Under 25 in the World to Watch.” Katia earned her Master of Public Health from Boston University and her B.A. in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego. In 2015, she was awarded a social entrepreneurship fellowship by Ashoka. During Spring Break of 2009, she made her first trip to Honduras with a college volunteer group to work on water and sanitation; so began E2E.


alejandra reyes

Head of Operations and Partnerships

Alejandra was born in Choluteca as the youngest of three raised by a single mom, a first grade teacher who made an effort to give her children the best education possible. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Aquaculture and graduated with honors from the National University of Honduras. Applying her bilingual skills, she has served as a volunteer and translator for missions and brigades such as Joint Task Force- Bravo by helping the U.S Army/Air Force and Marines reach communities in need of medical attention. Alejandra is a former Girl Scout and her main passion is serving others always with an open heart. 

Carlos Manuel Urbina

Head of Field Programs

By age 24 Carlos started his first philanthropic venture, a volunteer association that identifies primary school-aged children, from his hometown, living in precarious situations and provides emotional and academic support. He comes to E2E after three years working for a major bank in Honduras’s capital as an Operations Official. Carlos loves all things tech, reading, and spending time with his wife and baby girl.

Carlos Ayaviel Moncada

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Carlos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages. He graduated with honors in the Escuela Normal España de Danlí and won a scholarship to study Foreign Languages ​​at the National Autonomous University of Honduras. He completed his Diploma in Higher Education in 2020. He has worked at bilingual schools in the capital and also at Francisco Morazán Pedagogical University. Since he was 10 years old he has belonged to the Scouts Association of Honduras. Through this, he developed community service and leadership training that he currently applies in teaching English and community development projects at Educate2Envision. All his achievements are thanks to God and to his mother who sacrificed so much working as a tailor to help him to get ahead.


Danny Portillo

Eastern Honduras Regional Coordinator

Fernando Ramos is a Lawyer and Master in Business Administration residing in Taiwan. He is part of the “Honduran Association of Taiwan” and also a member of “Scholarships for Hondurans”. He strongly believes that education can change the world. He became involved in social projects after receiving a scholarship to study his Master program in Taiwan. This journey made him realize that he wanted to dedicate his life to help others and inspire to them to achieve their full potential.


Rosalba Ramos

Director of Education

Rosalba comes from a long career as an educator and an economist holding positions within the Honduran public sector, from the National Commission of Public Services to the Secretary of Education, for over 20 years. In her spare time, she serves as a consultant to coffee cooperatives and womens’ microfinance groups throughout the country. She brings an unwavering belief in the power of education to transform rural communities and the key role youth leadership plays in achieving a innovations in the broken education system.

santos muñoz

Southern Honduras Regional Coordinator

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Michelle Paterick


Michelle is the Co-Founder and Program Advisor of Real LEDGE Honduras, a non-profit organization that trains high school teachers in entrepreneurship and life-skill development. Since establishing the program in late 2014, 250 teachers have been trained in the Real LEDGE methodology, benefitting 5,500+ students.

Michelle has helped our students with entrepreneurship workshops and continues to be an avid supporter of E2E as she pursues a Master’s in Education in Finland.

Michelle Espinosa


Michelle is a graphic designer who works as community manager for Casa Quinchon. The global experience she’s acquired while working in London and Boston has helped shape her perspective & approach with the local community’s culture.

Michelle has creatively inspired our students by showing them the art of observing design in their everyday lives and the importance of having a visual identity when creating a business.

Ricardo Irias


Ricardo is one of the top leading minds of the tech movement in Honduras. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of Sube Latin America, an online platform dedicated to simplifying online sales and payments in the region.

In 2014 he organized the first Startup Weekend in Honduras and in 2015 the first Startup Weekend Mega in Central America.

As an entrepreneurship mentor, Ricardo has inspired our students to dream big and pursue seemingly impossible aspirations.

Leo Yu Way



Carlos Alvarez


Carlos is an entrepreneur who loves building tech solutions from the ground up. He holds a B.A. in Business Management and launched his first venture Coffeeshere.com in 2016. He was the first Honduran to be part of MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and is currently involved in 2 new ventures related to AgTech in Canada and Honduras. He currently teaches business development at UNITEC.


He has collaborated with E2E since 2016, visiting most of the communities to offer training and workshops to the students on topics related to entrepreneurship and leadership. He believes education coupled with the right mindset can help these kids break the poverty cycle!

Catalina Mejia


Catalina is the brain behind Startup Honduras events and the up and coming Impact Hub Tegucigalpa. She is at the forefront of the brewing entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country and travels representing Honduras at other entrepreneur-focused events worldwide. She serves as a business mentor to E2E students.
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