Meet the Team

We work to discover untapped potential in the most unexpected places.

Katia Gomez

Executive Director

From 2009-2011, Katia served as a District Chair for CARE USA, speaking to politicians in Washington DC and locally about the importance of empowering women and girls to conquer global poverty.

After winning the VH1 Do Something Award she was named by Newsweek as one of the “Top 25 Women Under 25 in the World to Watch.” Katia earned her Master of Public Health from Boston University and her B.A. in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego. In 2015, she was awarded a social entrepreneurship fellowship by Ashoka. During Spring Break of 2009, she made her first trip to Honduras with a college volunteer group to work on water and sanitation; so began E2E.

alejandra reyes

Director of Operations and Partnerships

Alejandra was born in Choluteca as the youngest of three raised by a single mom, a first grade teacher who made an effort to give her children the best education possible. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Aquaculture and graduated with honors from the National University of Honduras. Applying her bilingual skills, she has served as a volunteer and translator for missions and brigades such as Joint Task Force- Bravo by helping the U.S Army/Air Force and Marines reach communities in need of medical attention. Alejandra is a former Girl Scout and her main passion is serving others always with an open heart. 

Carlos Ayaviel Moncada

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Carlos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages. He graduated with honors in the Escuela Normal España de Danlí and won a scholarship to study Foreign Languages ​​at the National Autonomous University of Honduras. He completed his Diploma in Higher Education in 2020. He has worked at bilingual schools in the capital and also at Francisco Morazán Pedagogical University. Since he was 10 years old he has belonged to the Scouts Association of Honduras. Through this, he developed community service and leadership training that he currently applies in teaching English and community development projects at Educate2Envision. All his achievements are thanks to God and to his mother who sacrificed so much working as a tailor to help him to get ahead.

Rosalba Ramos

Director of Education

Rosalba comes from a long career as an educator and an economist holding positions within the Honduran public sector, from the National Commission of Public Services to the Secretary of Education, for over 20 years. In her spare time, she serves as a consultant to coffee cooperatives and womens’ microfinance groups throughout the country. She brings an unwavering belief in the power of education to transform rural communities and the key role youth leadership plays in achieving a innovations in the broken education system.

Gui pagina1
Guillermo Martinez

Director of Student Success

From a very young age, Guillermo has had a fascination for film, teaching, writing and volunteering. He has participated in different workshops and trainings on issues of violence, gender, communication and leadership; in addition to various speech and debate competitions. He graduated from the Instituto España Jesús Milla Selva as a Bachelor of Science and Letters, and from the San Juan Bosco Vocational Training Center as a Computer Technician. Soon he will graduate with a Journalism Degree at the National University of Honduras. He has served as a volunteer giving Public Speaking and Communication workshops in different public schools in the country. Guillermo is passionate about movies and uses cinema as a creative stimulus to promote emerging leaders, because in each young person he meets there is a story to tell.

Sergio Mejia

Legal Counsel

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Analuz paredes

Mental Health Coordinator and University Advisor

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Honduras Field Staff

santos muñoz

Southern Regional Coordinator

Santos is a current university student studying Business Engineering at the Metropolitan University of Honduras. He served as a volunteer for 7 years with Plan International where he learned and put into practice diverse methods of working with youth of all ages. An incredible mentor to E2E students, Santos made his way through high school and university through hard work and perseverance earning him scholarships to support his education. He helps oversee E2E’s second youth innovation center (NIDO) located in El Triunfo as well as leadership programming for three academies.

Joel guerrero

Comayagua Regional Coordinator

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Honduras Teaching Staff

ProfeNohelia Queb Arriba
nohelia osmara

Classroom Facilitator – Central Region

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Profe Ricce - Math Choluteca
Lesbia Reyes

Classroom Facilitator – Southern Region

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Profe Hammer Galindo
Hammer Galindo

Science and Technology Lead – Southern Region

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Danny portillo

Classroom Facilitator – Eastern Region

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Keyris Ochoa

Spanish Lead – Southern Region

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Choluteca teacher
Riccy Ochoa

Math Lead – Southern Region

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Selena La Joya
selena reyes

Classroom Facilitator – Southern Region

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Lic Josue Centeno - Math Science
josue centeno

Science and Technology Lead – Eastern Region

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Ariel Cantarrans
ariel almendares

Spanish Lead – Central Region 

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saby pro
saby gabriela

Classroom Facilitator – Central Region

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norlan pro
Norlan Medina

Classroom Facilitator – Central Region

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