Leadership Journey

The Beginning

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    In primary school, Tania and Ariel, like most future E2E students, didn't know where or how they would continue studying after 6th grade. There was no secondary school within 2 hours walking distance of their community.

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    Their parents, both single mothers, had an average 3rd grade education level and many in their community dismissed education as having value.

Our work Begins

Once enrolled under E2E's scholarship program, Tania and Ariel entered 7th grade and began leadership training to better understand how poverty affected their community.

After drawing community maps, cconducting household surveys and collaborating as a class, Tania and Ariel put their plans into action and begain impacting the lives of the most vulnerable in their community

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Tania and Ariel became promoted as peer leaders to train incoming students

They travel to new communities to consult on development projects

Tania and Ariel continue their education as E2E students through 11thgrade - the last year of high school - and receive access to internships,off-site English courses, university connections, E2E's youth hub for technology skills, and seed capital to support a class-run business idea.

Students apply profits from their small businesses to begin paying their own school fees