Meet the changemakers

Hear from our students how education has shaped their lives

The first day of class I couldn’t even introduce myself because I was embarrassed.I now feel like my mind is more open and I can now speak freely with others. My parents’ opinions on secondary school have changed a lot because before E2E nobody reached this level so they had it in their minds that you couldn’t go further than primary school. Now it’s the complete opposite because they see the achievements we have made.

c/o 2020

When I first started I was just a boy, but now I’m a young adult with experience, knowledge, and leadership. I feel happy with who I am today. My parents have recognized that to invest in education is important for the wisdom and knowledge that one acquires from school. The community has begun to see how much good and happiness graduation brings to each young person and the blessing it is to have more people with knowledge.

c/o 2020

When I think about the past, I feel like I’m no longer the same person. I have changed so much. When I entered 7th grade, I had my doubts. There were always people telling me “What good will it d you studying in secondary school? You can’t even afford university.” Over time, I began to understand that the most important thing isn’t money but rather the desire to study and move ahead. I believe that what you want can become a reality if you do your part to make it happen.

c/o 2020

I remember when I was in 7th grade, I didn’t know how to express myself well. I could barely speak up and was very shy. With the experiences I’ve had with E2E,I have grown and I’m not the same person. I’ve learned many new things and all of our leadership training has helped me so much. It has not only made a difference for me but I have been able to teach other kids in my community the same skills. Anything is possible if you set out to make your goals a reality.

c/o 2020