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Smiling woman harvesting coffee beans

Your company can change lives at origin.
You can make a lasting difference

You can bring opportunity health nutrition sanitation literacy
to coffee communities.

Education in coffee-growing regions

Coffee-growing communities can be the most challenging locations to deliver education to due to geographical, logistical, and financial barriers.

Five smiling children standing on a green hillside with blue sky

Partner with us to make an impact.

Wherever you lie on the supply chain, you have the power to impact youth at origin and support the producers you purchase from in a life-changing way. We have an opportunity to transform entire communities together by investing in the children of producers to achieve their dreams and finish their education.

Coffee Shops



Importers & Exporters

But we know it’s not always easy to dedicate the time and the team to make this impact happen. That’s why we came up with three easy ways to partner for impact so you can focus on your business while also doing good.

“Educate2Envision made it possible for us as a coffee roaster to have a swift and ongoing impact on the lives of our partners at origin that would not have been feasible otherwise”

– Dilworth Coffee

A smiling male teenager is being handed a textbook by a woman in a green blouse in a classroom.

What does a partnership involve?

We work within your company’s budget to connect you with a partnership opportunity that will create tangible impact. Our field staff has spent years building trust within our school communities which allows us to stay transparent and keep you in the loop throughout our partnership together.

Step 1

Take a pledge to make education possible at origin

During the off-season when most farmers endure months of no cash flow, a secondary school education will allow their children to qualify for other means of employment or start their own small businesses to supplement their family’s income.

Coffee Pot
A smiling young man poses with a coffee bean plant filled with red coffee cherries
Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot

Step 2

See your investment transform lives

Choose the program you would like to support. We’ll show you where your money goes and the students it’s impacting.

Step 3

Spread the word to your fellow coffee lovers

Receive an impact report once your project is complete. We’ll send you a toolkit of photos and videos to post on your social media.

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Our Partners Include