LEER is a coalition created to bring attention and raise awareness within the private sector as to the importance of including rural education in corporate social responsibility agendas.

We launched this coalition with the intention of providing our students, and the rural communities they belong to, with more resources to improve their livelihoods. After several years experiencing first-hand which interventions work and which fall short in practice, we wanted to share our lessons with the private sector and support the creation of more sustainable CSR approaches.

LEER Membership

LEER membership is compromised of different commitment levels that a Partner may advance through as they increase their support. Once a company/institution officially becomes a LEER partner they begin at the Participant Level. Each membership level represents a specific monetary, in-kind, and pro-bono value that has been invested.





LEER member contributions include various kinds of support such as:

Pathways to employment via internships at a Partner’s company

Training and workshops on areas of expertise unique to a Partner’s company

Financial and in-kind donations


Donated use of facilities/event space

Current Partners

All of our partners are breaking ground in their respective sectors by taking a unique pledge to include rural education in their CSR agendas. We engage a diverse array of companies with the intention that each can add value to the coalition as a whole.

Partner Benefits

  • All partners are invited to the annual LEER award ceremony
  • Gain ideas and insight on innovative philanthropy to help craft more sustainable and transparent policies that can boost your company’s return on investment per dollar spent on CSR.
  • Receive personalized impact stories and media coverage to share your work with clients, the executive team, and stakeholders. Interact directly with student beneficiaries.
  • Attend exclusive LEER partner events throughout the year including coffee tasting tours, photo exhibitions, family movie night, cooking classes and more.
  • Connect with other industry leaders – collaborate with other companies on joint initiatives to achieve greater impact.
  • Easy opportunities for your employees to participate in skills-based volunteering.

LEER Awards

The inaugural LEER award ceremony was held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on February 2019. The ceremony included an induction of new LEER partners as well as recognizing the impact current partners have made on our education programs. E2E student representatives provided those in attendance with a first-hand account of the difference their support has meant to them. The LEER awards will become an annual event that will also bring media attention to the cause of rural education and inspires new corporations to join the coalition.

Interested in bringing LEER to your organization?

Our vision extends beyond finding support solely for Educate2Envision projects within Honduras. We believe LEER can become the gold standard for corporate engagement in addressing issues related to rural education. Our goal is to increase overall support and resources available for initiatives that are supporting rural youth to complete their education.

We invite other NGOs working in Latin America to join us. Let’s create a movement to place rural youth at the forefront of more CSR policies. If you are working outside of Honduras, contact us to discuss how to apply LEER in your country of operation.