Join forces for the future

We believe the most sustainable social projects at origin must include a plan to empower youth to finish their education and grow as community leaders.

What does a partnership involve?

We work within your company’s budget to connect you with a project that will ensure you make a tangible impact. Our field staff has spent years building trust within our school communities. This allows us to stay transparent and keep you in the loop throughout our partnership together.

Choose how to give back

Donate a percentage of sales, make an annual donation, host a special event, or invest a set amount from a special edition product.

Share your impact

Get photo and video updates to share with your team and customers that brings the impact to life.

Spread the word

Help spread awareness about the education crisis in coffee-growing communities through marketing campaigns or events. Bring in industry peers to join NextGen Coffee Project.

Our partners include

Funds youth leadership
Raises awareness
Funds scholarships
Builds connections
Starts schools

Direct Impact

Wherever you lie on the coffee supply chain, you have the power to impact youth at origin and support the producers you purchase from in a life-changing way. We have an opportunity to transform entire communities together by investing in the children of producers to achieve their dreams and finish their education.
coffee shops
importers and exporters
coffee advocates

Fund a new school

Making secondary school accessible for coffee-producing families is our top priority. We help you investigate the barriers to education in and around the communities where you source your coffee. If the results show that the community could benefit from a secondary school, we’ll help you set up the process and serve as your representative on the ground.

This is a longer term financial commitment for those partners who are ready to plant roots in a community.

If there is an existing school in your community, you can still fund a new school in any coffee-growing community across Honduras.

Fund community well-being projects

Coffee-growing communities often face numerous other challenges aside from limited education access. Educate2Envision works alongside youth leaders in each community to design local projects that improve the well-being of the most economically disadvantaged members of the community.

If your company is working with a smaller budget, this can be a great way to get started.

Fund projects ranging from nutrition for the elderly, adult literacy classes, environmental protection and recycling, clean water, and community gardens.

Fund a scholarship for a student or group of students to cover their meals, travel expenses, and stipend to complete their leadership program.

Fund student leader trainings

We believe youth leaders are the key to unlocking the potential within a community. Every school that we sponsor receives a leadership curriculum. ​

The students who rise to the top of their class enter a two-year advanced leadership program where they are taught how to design community development projects.

After graduating from the program, the student leaders travel around the country through a paid internship to train other students.

Why partner with us?

With several years of experience starting schools, working with youth and leading community development projects in coffee-growing communities all over Honduras, we want to share our knowledge with you. Our goal is to serve as a resource while you decide what type of impact to make at origin and how to go about it in a responsible way.

We learned that many of you in the industry are looking for opportunities to support projects at origin but are often time-constrained. That’s where we come in. Our full-time job is making impact in coffee-growing communities. We can help administer donations and provide the necessary logistical support and oversight.