Founded for youth, by youth

With bake sale money and a single grant (shoutout to Rotary Club of San Leandro!), inspired by a vision for education equality, a small group of 20 something-year old college kids teamed up to bring secondary school to a remote community in Honduras. You can read the full origin story told by founder, Katia Gomez, here.


years bringing education to the most remote parts of Honduras

Ten years ago, Educate2Envision opened doors to our very first school in the Central Honduran community of Pajarillos. What was once a single classroom where only a couple students per year finished 6th grade and no one graduated from secondary school, would eventually become a place where university-educated students and community changemakers could be found – a place where secondary school was finally within reach.

And so the journey began.






first-generation secondary school students supported

Growing our impact

Today, E2E has grown from our first school in Pajarillos to 16 schools where students from over 30 communities ​arrive to complete their secondary education.



Central Honduras



Southern Honduras



Eastern Honduras



West-Central Honduras

A decade of educating hearts and minds

Watch this video highlighting how our students use the gift of education to pay it forward and what their journey as young leaders has taught them.

Changing lives. Building futures.

Most Educate2Envision students will spend their entire adolescence growing up in our schools – from middle school to high school and beyond. We have the privilege of watching them transform to become the next generation of role models, leaders, and professionals in their communities. All of the alumni below were the first in their families to finish middle school – some were even part of the first ever graduating class of secondary school students in their communities.

Scholarship recipient –
Bilingual leadership academy

Entrepreneur –

Community teacher –
Future agronomy student


University student –
Teaching Degree

University student –
Accounting Major

Nursing assistant degree

Help us prepare for the next decade

For 2023, we expect to welcome 300 new 7th graders who will join our schools across the country. To continue delivering secondary education to the farthest corners of the country and building a nationwide network of youth leaders,  we need your support.

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Founders are a community of education equality advocates. They provide ongoing monthly support to help us cover the crucial costs associated with reaching the most remote places.

E2E has and always will work in the most forgotten and isolated communities that few other NGOs will work in. This means thousands of miles covered, hundreds of flat tires, fuel costs, and frequent car repairs. Your monthly donation helps our team make these journeys safely.